NEW Gloworm X2 LED Light System - Version 3 - 1500 lumens

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Product Description

Evolution rather than revolution with the addition of the new XML2 U2 emitters giving around 1500 lumens and enhancements to the Intelligent Mode Technology programmes.

•The Gloworm X2 1500 Lumen Light has one of the best light output vs. size vs. weight ratios in the world!
  • Light head is only 80g and the size of a matchbox.
• Designed in New Zealand.
• Intelligent Mode Technology so the X2's output can be optimised for your activity. The version 3 is now prrogrammable allowing you to choose the light levels that suit your riding.
  • 2 User programmable Modes – Trail, Commuter
  • 3 Special modes to choose from - Flash (always on with a high output pulse), Emergency strobe (max output flash every 5 seconds), Dim (perfect for loading the bike in the car post ride)

  • Around 1500 Lumens (real, not theoretical and if anything is understated)
  • IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) technology
  • 280g total system weight with battery pack
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • 5.8 AH Lithium Ion Hard Case Battery with Panasonic cells
  • 2 x Cree XML2 U2 LED emitters
  • 2 Lens system (Spot lens and flood lens)
  • 2.5 hr runtime on Boost power
  • 4hr battery charge
  • Remote switch
The X2 is delivered in a hard-shell carry case.  The contents of the case are:
  • Lithium Ion Battery Smart Charger
  • Extension Cable
  • Light Head
  • Alloy Helmet Mount
  • Alloy Bar Mount
  • Mounting O-rings
  • Li-ion Battery 5.8Ah (sealed case) using Panasonic Li-ion cells
Additional Functions:
  • Battery mounted power monitor
  • Light will flash to warn of critical battery level
  • IMT Technology
  • Overheat Protection
IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) Programmes
Trail – Optimum settings for mountain biking
Commute – Preset levels to suit road cycling

Print version of the new Gloworm X2 manual here is runtimes etc - http://www.crgmoto.co.uk/ekmps/shops/neninja/resources/Other/x2-instructions-print.pdf

EU orders outside the UK & Ireland are supplied with an EU 2 Pin Plug adapter

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